CIG Development at 2680 Madison Road (an inactive proposal)

Since the spring of 2019, this CIG proposal is no longer current.  For a current proposal, see the Phoenix Architecture proposal for a 100 room hotel described in the August 8 meeting news report on this website's homepage.  

Capital Investment Group, a local-to-Cincinnati development firm, is proposing to redevelop the old Pig and Whistle/Larosas and adjacent properties near 2680 Madison Road. The redevelopment area is bounded by Madison Road on the south, Besuden Court on the west, Wasson Way and Rookwood Commons on the north.

Zoning for CIG-owned land - made with imagery from CAGIS web-map
Larger map with surrounding area

The proposed redevelopment will demolish existing structures at 2654, 2658, 2680, 2682 (LaRosa’s) Madison Road; 3636, 3640, 3646, 3648 Besuden Court and construct a new six story multi-use building and parking garage. Besuden properties are zoned single family residential (SF-6). The Madison Road properties are zoned Community Commercial Automobile-oriented (CC-A). CIG is proposing a Planned Development district zone change to allow the mixed-use development.

The concept presented on November 14, 2017 had 179 apartments, split between studio/1-2-3 bedroom units, 9945 sq.ft. of retail and 6936 sq.ft office in a 6 story building with 4 floors of residential over 2 stories of parking. About 4300 of the retail space is promised for a replacement for Larosas, and the rest of the retail space is unspecified.  Another presentation was made on March 13, 2018.  It offers 4 different possible configurations, and slides from that presentation are attached below.

Vehicle entrance to the property parking is at the Madison/Zumstein intersection. No vehicle access to the proposed building off Besuden Court. The parking garage would contain 321 spaces.

Note that a second concept proposal with only office and hotel uses on the OL office limited and CCA commercial zoned properties(none of the Besuden properties) was also shown as an alternative if the Planned Development proposal is not persued.

The CIG development team has funded two traffic impact studies for the area around the development; these were preformed by TEC Engineering in June 2017 and December 2017, along with a  parking needs study.  These are attached below.

The proposed mixed-use development would require a zone change or establishing a Planned Development. The Planned Development is a custom zoning district, with allowed uses, density, and development regulations specified in the PD. The process for creating a Planned Development, and for Cincinnati zoning is explained in Common Questions about Zoning, Planned Development and Zone Changes.

If you have comments about the project, use the “contact us” linked at the top and bottom of the page or send an email to


  • (PDF) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Wasson Way between City of Cincinnati; HCTID; OKI; SORTA; and CCTID
  • (PDF) Notice that CIG will be at HPNC Meeting on 12th September 2017
  • (PDF) Traffic Impact Study for June 2017
  • (PDF) Traffic Impact Study for December 2017
  • (PDF) Parking Needs Study discussed at several project meetings

Slides Presented by CIG

  • (PDF) Slides from April HPNC Meeting (2018-04-10) - Most recent
  • (PDF) Slides from March HPNC Meeting (2018-03-13)
  • (PDF) Slides from November HPNC Meeting (2017-11-14)

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