The Hyde Park Neighborhood Council (HPNC) meets monthly, on every second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm, usually in the Commons Room of Knox Presbyterian Church.  All meetings are open to the public. Meeting agenda and minutes are published here on the site.


Interim Development Control District Number 81 for Hyde Park and Mount Lookout

On June 8, 2018, Cincinnati City Council adopted Interim Development Control (IDC) Overlay Distric No. 81, "Hyde Park/Mt. Lookout District", in the Hyde Park and Mount Lookout neighborhoods as an overlay distric for a period of three months.  This Emergency Ordinance took effect immediately, and will be in place until September 6, 2018.  During the period of the IDC, all demolition permits filed in Hyde Park and Mount Lookout are required to go through additional review by the City Planning Commission.
Along with the IDC, on May 18, 2018, Cincinnati City Planning Commission temporarily suspended Chapter 6 of the City’s Subdivision Rules, requiring all subdivisions of land within Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout to be reviewed by the City Planning Commission. This suspension is in place for a period of 100 days, expiring on August 25, 2018.
During this time, City Planning Department Staff will be facilitating a study of residential density patterns, including the study of identifiable historic, architectural, and physical attributes embodied by property in the Hyde Park and Mount Lookout neighborhoods to determine if there are any necessary amendments to the Cincinnati Zoning Code and/or Subdivision Regulations that will help preserve and protect the long-standing, character-defining features and density patterns of those neighborhoods. The city asks this study to be completed in the 3 months this IDC is in place.
To assist in this study, City Council created a Working Group of seven people to work together diligently together over the period of these next three months to discuss and agree upon any proposed changes. One member of the Hyde Park Community Council Executive Committee is one of the seven on the Working Group (see highlighted text below).
Section 6.  That there is hereby created a working group of seven members including one member of the Hyde Park Community Council Executive Committee, one member of the Mount Lookout Community Council Executive Board, the Mayor or his designee, one member of the Economic Growth and Zoning Committee or the member’s designee, one member of the City Planning Commission, two members of the Homebuilders Association of Greater Cincinnati, one of whom represents a large residential home builder and one who represents a small residential home builder, and one representative of the Cincinnati Board of Realtors.  Each group or entity comprising the working group shall select its representative to the working group.  The committee shall be staffed by a representative of the City Administration selected by the City Manager.  The working group shall provide a report on its recommendations for zoning code map amendments, zoning code text amendments, and other relevant code and policy changes to address concerns related to demolitions in the Hyde Park and Mount Lookout neighborhoods to the Economic Growth and Zoning Committee within ninety days of the effective date of this ordinance.  
The first meeting of the IDC Working Group was Tuesday, June 19, 2018. We agreed to weekly meetings on Thursday mornings at 8:00am in the II Centenial Plaza building (likely 5th floor), with a large public meeting to report progress to the community at Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church Little Theater at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, July 24th.  Note that this committee's pervue does not include tax abatement; reviewing possible Conservation District rules from other cities and beginning to develop recommendations for Cincinnati rules is the expected agenda for the next few weeks. Meetings are public, but voting members are limited to those listed in Section 6 above.   HPNC President, Bob Smyth, is Hyde Park's official representative in this study group.  

Hyde Park Center for Older Adults News

HPNC is a founder and long-term supporter of the Hyde Park Center for Older Adults.  The Center wants to be more of a presence in the Hyde Park Community.  They are sponsoring a Tom Browning Roast at the Syndacate, 18 East Fifth Street in Newport on July 12.  Tickets at EventBright or  Please mark your calendars and attend fun event!

Tom Browning Roast Invitation (PDF)

Redevelopment along Madison Road

Capital Investment Group, a local-to-Cincinnati development firm, is proposing to redevelop the old Pig and Whistle/Larosas and adjacent properties near 2680 Madison Road.  The redevelopment area is bounded by Madison Road on the south, Besuden Court on the west, Wasson Way and Rookwood Commons on the north.

The proposed redevelopment will demolish existing structures at 2654, 2658, 2680, 2682 (LaRosa’s) Madison Road; 3636, 3640, 3646, 3648 Besuden Court and construct a new six story multi-use building and parking garage.  Besuden properties are zoned single family residential (SF-6).  The Madison Road properties are zoned Community Commercial Automobile-oriented (CC-A).  CIG is proposing a Planned Development district zone change to allow the mixed-use development.

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Parking Meter Increased

Many on-street meters added $0.25 to hourly rate

CINCINNATI – In September, 2017, the City of Cincinnati’s Parking Division changed meters to reflect the $0.25 increase.  The change effects the City’s smart meters and multi-space kiosks, which comprise the majority of metered spaces. The remaining older, coin-operated Duncan meters will also be updated.

“As we start to see growth in commercial activity, adjusting rates allows us to manage parking supply and cut down time spent searching for a parking spot, thereby cutting down on traffic and congestion,” said Oscar Bedolla, director of the City’s Department of Community and Economic Development, which houses the Parking Division. “In turn, more customers get through the doors of our local businesses.”

This is the first increase in neighborhood meter rates since 2010. Rates in the Central Business District and Over-the-Rhine (OTR) were last increased in 2015 with the creation of five parking zones throughout the two areas. This is consistent with the City’s dynamic pricing parking model.

Keep working on PLAN Hyde Park

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HPNC Accepting Applications for Board of Trustees

If you would like to actively serve your community, consider joining the HPNC Board of Trustees.  There will be at least one open seat when currrent terms expire in May. 

Applicants must either live, own property,  or own/operate a business in Hyde Park.  A board term is 3 years.

To apply, complete the Candidate Fact Sheet and email it to the address on the form, or print it out and mail it to HPNC, PO Box 8064, Cincinnati OH 45208.

How To Protect Your Ash Tree

The city will allow you to treat your ash tree protecting it from the Emerald Ash Borer after obtaining a free Street Tree Work permit thereby taking it off the removal list.

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Citizen on Patrol Program (COPP)

Please join our neighborhood patrol. Learn more here!

Officer Princes Davis
Cincinnati Police Department
Police Volunteer Programs Coordinator

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