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Subject: 2680 Madison Road-Proposed Hotel Development

The semi-transparent boxes in the foreground are the outlines of existing structures along Madison Road that will remain.

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Council (HPNC) hosted a Public Meeting on August 8 and heard Jason Williams, Principal-Director of Design for Phoenix Architecture, spokesman for a new team seeking to develop the site at 2680 Madison Road (the former Huggs/Pig & Whistle site).  The Architect, Developer and Operator team introduced themselves, presented an eight story hotel concept,  answered questions from the audience and HPNC Trustees.

The developers plan a 100 room, seven story hotel with 104 parking spaces.  The proposed hotel use is a principal permitted use for the CC-A zoned property.  The adjacent Besuden Court SF-6 zoned properties are not part of the project and will remain residential.  LaRosa restaurant property is no longer part of the project. Several Madison Road fronting properties currently zoned Office Limited (OL) will be used for hotel parking and access.

At the meeting, the primary concerns expressed were traffic, lighting, security and construction issues.  The traffic study shows a hotel will have lowest impact of any of the CC-A uses.  Most of the traffic issues mentioned at the meeting are beyond the scope and responsibility of this project.

By developer statement and zoning committee review, it is anticipated no variances, special exceptions, zone change and consequently no public hearing. The Zoning Committee believes that this development offers lowest impact to neighbors compared to other principal uses in the current CC-A zoning district.

With this new proposal, the earlier plan by the CIG group to develop the property is no longer in play.   


City Homes @ Wasson Way

City Homes at Wasson Way is a proposal to build 6 single family houses on the strip of land between Wasson Road and the Wasson Way bike path, just east of the parking lot at the corner of Paxton Ave and Wasson.  This land is currently zoned SF-6.  The proposal would require several lot splits.  The existing parking lot would be split off into its own lot and keep its existing CC-A zone (in keeping the the adjacent doctor's office on Paxton).  The remainder of the property would be rezoned from SF-6 to SF-2, and be split into 6 lots for construction of 6 single family houses. The brochure distributed by the developer/applicant at a regular meeting of HPNC on June 11 can be seen using the brochure link.   Brochure Link ...

HPNC is not aware of changes after the June presentation to HPNC except as recently communicated by the developer Mr. French.  He is proposing to widen the residential driveways by 2’ per unit to enable turnarounds on site.  Each unit will have 2 car garage parking, and 2 car parking at the south end of the driveway.  All cars will be able to turn around to avoid backing out onto Wasson Rd.  His traffic engineer has proposed restriping Wasson Rd to allow for a center turn lane and 12 car street parking in front of units 1-5.  DOTE agreed with the proposed reconfiguration.  The bus stop on the North side of Wasson close to Kroger is no longer serving an active route.

The proposal has 6 lots for single family house construction.  Two lots would be 3640 sq. ft. and 4 lots would be 2920 sq. ft.  Two smaller irregular (unbuildable) parcels would remain, and would fall under the homeowner's maintenance.  The SF-2 required 5’ front yard setback is satisfied but the front yard will consist of concrete planter boxes extending from the building to the 5’ public sidewalk. .  Front elevation of the houses is 3 stories.  Rear elevation is 2 stories.  The 7’ rear yard setback from the building rear face to the rear property line (common to the Wasson Way bike path) is only about one third the required SF-2 setback of 20’. A large rear yard variance is necessary.

At its 8/13 regular board meeting, HPNC passed the motion:  “HPNC is opposed to City Homes on Wasson Way residential development and the needed SF-6 to SF-2 zone change” because we did not feel that the development maintained the existing character of Hyde Park.

Lot splits of 6 lots and zone changes require Cincinnati Planning Commission approval.  Cincinnati Planning Staff report generated for the Planning Commission recommended approval of this project.  At the Cincinnati Planning Commission meeting on 9/6, only the the zone change portion of this proposal was considered.  The zone change was from the existing SF-6 to CC-P (the remainder of the existing parking lot) and SF-2 (the remainder of the site).  The specific lot split into 6 lots plus outliers was not on the agenda, and that would have to come back to the Planning Commission at a future date.  The project was introduced by city planning staff.  About 20 folks gave testimony, and most of those who gave testimony against the project noted immediate neighbors were opposed, and so was HPNC.  

Planning Commission voted 3 to 1 to approve the requested zone change.  Next stop is Cincinnati City Council Economic Growth and Zoning Subcommittee, and then on the full council for final approval.  A special meeting of the Economic Growth and Zoning Committee for this topic is scheduled for Wednesday, September 25 at 11am in City Council Chambers.  Committee members are Amy Murray, Jeff Pastor and Chris Smitherman.  Economic Growth and Zoning Committee recommends a position on zone changes to the full council.   Note that city council can overrule Planning Commission votes with a super majority, so if you are opposed to the zone change, it is important to lobby council members, and Economiz Growth and Zoning Committee members in particular, to oppose the zone change when the final vote occurs.



Wasson Way Phase 2 Funding Approved

panorama of ribbon cutting event

image courtesy of Gytis Matulaitis, licensed as CC BY-NC-ND

Funding for Wasson Way Phase 2 accross I-71 using the existing railroad bridge to Evanston and Norwood is in hand, and construction will start soon.  Note the first phase of the Wasson Way bike trail opened on July 28th.  Opening of phase one of the Wasson Way was celebrated by a large crowd and music, prizes, speeches, special Busken WW cookies, Coffee Emporium coffee, and LaRosa's pizza.  Phase 1 extends from Madison Road west to the approach of the Bridge accross I-71.  

For more information visit: Wasson Way website / Ribbon cutting event page on Facebook / Wasson Way Facebook page

Interim Development Control District Number 81
for Hyde Park and Mount Lookout

IDC81 has expired, and the process for demolition and rebuild has reverted to the old zoning code.  That means for a single house demolition and rebuild, processing of the application will be done by city staff, and if a zoning variance is not required, notice of approval will be sent to adjacent property owners and the respective neighborhood council.

Updates to the city’s lot split regulations were approved by the city's Planning Commission on 12/21.  The new regulations take effect on 12/31.  The new regulations require lot splits of 4 or more to be reviewed by the Planning Commission (down from the previous 5).  Smaller lots splits (2, 3, or 4) can be approved by city staff, if you don’t have to build a street, or have major utility revisions, or have significant public comment.   When an application is filed, the applicant puts up a sign on the affected property to notify the neighborhood.  If city staff gets significant public comment, staff will require review of the lot split by the planning commission.  There are additional rules about panhandle lots, and they are no longer approved by right.  Note that application for lot splits will be accepted before the existing house is torn down (unlike the current process).  These new regulations will apply city wide, and will require a few changes to the city’s zoning code to allow the Planning Commission to grant zoning code variances (similiar powers are held by the city's Zoning Hearing Examiner)


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Parking Meter rates on Hyde Park Square are $1.25 per hour

CINCINNATI – In Hyde Park, parking meter rates to increased to $1.25 per hour on August 1, 2018.  In addition to the higher rates, meters start operating at 8 am, and keep collecting until 9pm in the evening.  This makes an extra 4 hours of meter time per day.  This is the second increase in Hyde Park rates since 2010.  The change effects the City’s smart meters and multi-space kiosks, which comprise the majority of metered spaces. The remaining older, coin-operated Duncan meters will also be updated.  Note that increased rates were enacted to help balance the city's 2018 budget.  

“As we start to see growth in commercial activity, adjusting rates allows us to manage parking supply and cut down time spent searching for a parking spot, thereby cutting down on traffic and congestion,” said Oscar Bedolla, director of the City’s Department of Community and Economic Development, which houses the Parking Division. “In turn, more customers get through the doors of our local businesses.”

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