Board of Trustees

Louisa Adams
Janet Buening
Kelly Dolan
Ann Gerwin
John Jarczyk
Norm Lewis
Jeff Lovelace
Sybil Mullin


Rob Pasquinucci
Tom Rowe
Len Sauers
Andy Scaripitti
Bob Smyth
Carl Uebelacker
Gary Wollenweber

Officers & Executive Committee

President: Rob Pasquinucci
Vice President: Jeff Lovelace
Communications Secretary: Carl Uebelacker
Treasurer: Len Sauers
Recording Secretary: Sybil Mullin
Executive Committee Member: Janet Buening



Development & Outreach - Membership, Newsletter, Community Awareness, and all other similar matters including Spring & Fall Meetings, Person(s) of the Year, Website, and fundraising events.

Education - All matters relating to public or private schools and education.

Environment - Beautification, Parks, Recreation, Traffic, Public Safety, Lunken Airport, and all other similar matters; + Street Trees.

Finance - All matters relating to the budget, funding requests, and financial matters.

Nominating - Appointed by Executive Committee as required under By Laws.

Zoning - All matters relating to Zoning & building codes, property maintenance, and Urban Design Districts.


Hyde Park Maps & Street List


Hyde Park Boundary Map Pre 1979. (Click here)

Hyde Park Neighborhood Council Boundary Map adopted April 1979. (Click here)

Street List for Hyde Park Neighborhood Council map April 1979, (Click here)



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