Hyde Park East Parking Survey

Residents, business owners, and City officials formed the Hyde Park East Steering Committee in 2014. They have met to create a new Hyde Park East Plan that will detail issues the neighborhood faces, potential solutions, and implementable steps moving forward. In November 2014, the Steering Committee held a public meeting to go over the priority issues and solutions. A draft plan will be presented to the community for feedback in the next few months. 

One of the problems that the Hyde Park East business district and surrounding residential neighborhood faces is the influx of traffic and parking during certain days and hours of the week - particularly on Friday and Saturday evenings. The Hyde Park East Steering Committee has explored various solutions to help mitigate the challenge of parking. It is clear that in order to help alleviate the parking stress on the neighborhood, a multi-prong solution approach is needed.

One of the solutions that the neighborhood could see implemented in the next six months, is a proposal to install a small parking lot between the Ravenswood apartment building and the tennis courts along Erie Avenue. The Hyde Park East Steering Committee is asking for your input on this solution so please answer the following questions to provide your feedback. Participate by taking our survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/hpeparking

We also welcome you to attend the Hyde Park Neighborhood Council  meeting where this topic will be presented. The meeting will be held at the Knox Presbyterian Church on Tuesday, January 12 at 7:00 P.M. 

An Issue of Major Importance to the Hyde Park Community:
Request to Rezone 3443 Zumstein from Residential to Office Use

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Council (HPNC) wants to inform you of an important issue that will impact our community —and needs your help.

The Issue
The property at 3443 Zumstein (in the cul de sac block, south of Erie Avenue) is currently zoned SF-6 (Single-Family Residential) and is being used as a three-family residence. The law firm Stagnaro, Saba & Patterson Co., LPA (SSP), whose office is at 2623 Erie (the SW corner of Erie and Zumstein, purchased 3443 Zumstein in December 2014 and is seeking a zone change to OL (Office Limited) to use the building for additional office space.

Status Overview
SSP, citing a need for additional office space to allow their business to grow, presented the zone change request to HPNC at the March 10, 2015, meeting of the Board of Trustees. Residents of Zumstein and nearby streets voiced their strong opposition; letters of opposition from other residential property owners were submitted to the Board. HPNC voted unanimously to oppose the zone change and communicated this to the City. Representatives of HPNC, the residents of Zumstein, and other concerned citizens spoke in opposition at the April 17 meeting of the City Planning Commission (CPC) and again at its September18 meeting. SSP presented letters of support from Hyde Park residents, none of whom live on the affected block and most of whom do not live any where near 3443 Zumstein. Despite the strong opposition of the community, the CPC voted 5 – 2 at the September 18 meeting to recommend approval. The issue now goes to City Council. It will be discussed and voted upon on Monday, Nov. 2 at the Neighborhoods Committee meeting, and will then go to the full City Council for a final vote on Wednesday, Nov. 4.

Why HPNC opposes the zone change

  • HPNC supports appropriate business development in the Hyde Park Square Business District, but does not consider this zone change to be appropriate. With the exception of the parking lot behind the office building at 2631 Erie (the SE corner of Erie and Zumstein) which has existed more than 50 years, every property on Zumstein is zoned SF-6. The street was intended from its inception as a residential street and has been used as such since the first house was built pre 1900. Every development plan created for Hyde Park and adopted by City Council calls for this block to remain fully residential. Even Hyde Park Elementary school, which abuts the south end of Zumstein,is zoned residential.
  • The 3400 block of Zumstein is a cul de sac with limited parking. The street is too narrow and lacks an adequate turnaround to accommodate business traffic.
  • The property at 3443 Zumstein does not have any off-street parking and will not be able to meet the OL requirements for parking; SSP will also need to seek a variance.
  • The residents of 3400 Zumstein purchased their homes and invested heavily in renovations and improvements with the full expectation that they lived on a residential street. How would you feel if you suddenly learned your new next-door neighbor will be an office?
  • Allowing this zone change to OL in an SF-6 zone establishes a legal precedent for other property owners on many Hyde Park streets to seek—and be granted—similar zone changes. This could have major impact on the residential quality of Hyde Park.

What You Can Do
The final decision on this zone change request will be made by Cincinnati City Council. Come to the Neighborhoods Committee meeting on Nov. 2 at 2pm at City Hall—your presence can make a difference. Messages are important too—call or email all City Council members to voice your position. Please see below for City Council contact information.

For More Information, Click on the Following Documents:

Residents Summary of Arguments Against OL Zone Change


Residents Detailed Arguments Against OL Zone Change








(1) Attend and speak against the zone change at the Neighborhoods Committee meeting on Monday, November 2nd at 2pm

(2) email or call City Council members (see below)

(3) sign a letter of opposition, which can be obtained from Scott Hassell @ 513-739-9971 or Scott_Hassell@hotmail.com.



Cincinnati City Council Members





All Council Members



David Mann



Yvette Simpson



Kevin Flynn



Amy Murray



Chris Seelbach



P.G. Sittenfeld



Christopher Smitherman



Charlie Winburn



Wendell Young











Meeting Time & Place

HPNC meets every second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm usually in the Commons room of Knox Presbyterian Church.  All meetings are open to the public.


Citizen on Patrol Program (COPP)

Please join our neighborhood patrol. Learn more here!

Sergeant Eric E. Franz
Cincinnati Police Department
Police Volunteer Programs Coordinator


We Want to Hear from You

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